Can you feel the hidden hate waiting to break out?
Listen! And you hear them whispering, hear them talking, hear them shouting loud
Paroles written on the walls and fires fill the night, they're ready to fight
They don't know what they're going to start so they sing: Watch the begin!
See the soldiers marching in Berlin
See the banner blowing in the wind
See them following their leader, hear them shouting, hear them hail the murder and the war begins
In a city called Berlin
In a city called Berlin
1939 in Berlin, in Berlin

Billions dead, the earth drowned in blood
Six years of fighting, don't you have enough?
See the tanks rolling through the streets of Berlin
See the soldiers fighting a fight they can not win
Hear the mothers, hear the children crying while their sons an fathers are dying in Berlin
See the flames dancing in the sky of Berlin
Watch the bombed out houses in Berlin
Smell the smoke in the air smell the death everywhere, oh, Berlin!

In a city called Berlin
In a city called Berlin
1945 in Berlin, in Berlin

See them building up a wall in Berlin
Dividing a city, dividing a nation, oh, Berlin!
They're dividing fathers from mothers and sisters from brothers
And the people are dying again
In the deathzone called Berlin
Shot in their back, shot by their brothers
Please, please forgive us